U-Prong Engagement Ring?


Jan 24, 2016
Hi All!

I'm new to Pricescope but have learned so much already by reading all the various posts. You guys are an amazing community!

So here's my dilemma, I've recently lost 80 lbs and 3.5 ring sizes! My current wedding set no longer fits and due to the side pave diamonds, I can't have it resized. So unfortunately for my DH and fortunately for me, I need to upgrade! :D

I absolutely love u-prongs! I've been to numerous stores and looked online but can never find a u-prong engagement ring. I'm looking at possibly getting a 3/4 eternity with 5 pointers and a 1 carat center stone with a matching band (similar to maybe WF Annette u-prong). Does anyone have a similar ring you can post pics of? Would love to get some ideas because its looks like it may need to be custom made. If I go the custom route, I would probably go with WF or BGD. TIA!!!


Jan 11, 2006
Welcome, Alicia! That is awesome you lost that much weight! :appl: New rings seems like a great way to celebrate that accomplishment!

I will say that I really cannot recall ever seeing a u-prong engagement ring. Tacori has some U type heads, but I haven't really thought of them as U-prong. There are sooo many beautiful rings available that I hope you will take your time and look so you can get whatever you love most! There are tons posted here in the Show Me the Bling forum. For future reference, questions about diamonds and settings go in Rocky Talky. Show Me the Bling is where people show their finished or new rings and jewelry! I hope we can help you as you search for your new rings!
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