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Tungsten wedding bands - safe?

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Feb 6, 2003
I''m wondering if anyone can comment on the safety of a Tungsten band.

My fiancé and I went ring shopping the other day, and the ring that I like above all else is a tungsten (TrewTungsten, actually) with some inlaid platinum. The sales agent cautioned us about the difficulty of cutting tungsten, and that it could be dangerous. (i.e., you jam your finger while playing basketball, your finger swells, but the hospital can''t cut off the ring since it''s too hard.)

I''m not sure that I believe this. I''m an engineer in a past life, and I remember tungsten being hard, but brittle - unlike, say, titanium. So my questions are...

* is a tungsten ring really more dangerous than, say, a platinum band? (Note, the only non-traditional metal i''m considering is tungsten... i.e., _not_ titanium)

* I''ve seen websites that describe how tungsten rings can be _cracked_ - like ceramic. This seems easier to me than cutting through metal ... plus, i''ve heard of tungsten rings cracking. So this would contradict the earler advice.

Has anyone else researched tungsten, and can offer any opinions?

thanks in advance!


Feb 5, 2003
This is an interesting topic.

I never knew tungsten rings existed until I saw your post. A quick search on the web led me to some "Trew Tungsten" brand rings which look really nice.

I have heard the same horror stories about titanium rings, but according to the FAQ on, they CAN be cut in an emergency:

"-Q: Are titanium rings easy to cut in case of emergency ?
A : Yes, they are. Even stronger titanium alloys can be cut without difficulty. We have performed some tests on a 6Al/4V ring with a basic (manual) ring cutter, and went through it in under 2 minutes. The hospital and paramedic issued ring cutters are usually electric, reducing the cutting time consequently."

The Young's moduli for for tungsten, steel, and titanium are 411GPa, 200GPa, and 116GPa, respectively. This modulus measures how easy it is to deform a material. So it looks like Tungsten is pretty tough...
I don't know how hard it would be to cut.



Feb 7, 2003
I found this link on emergency medical procedures for removing tungsten bands.
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