Torn between 2 stores for 1 similar ring

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Apr 3, 2009
Ok, so I fell in love with this ring. I want my engagement ring for the mounting/setting, and care much less about the stone (I would even like Moissanite, but thats not what I want to discuss here).

Ring #1 Its from a local jewelry store called Littman Jewelers.

Cons - The center stone is 5/8 carat (a bit smaller than I wanted), and they wont change the stones that are already set. Side stones are 5/8 total.
The qualities of the stones are not really very high, K/L color and I1.
When searching to get a value of the stones, It shows about $600 for center stone, and $250 for side stones each. Total of about $1100, which makes the total price for the ring a little bit over priced. (they "retail" the ring for $4,500)

Pros - Reputable local dealer around for many years,
Will replace diamond at no cost if I get a "checkup" every six months
Optional service package includes Rhodium plating and sizing for 3 years
A CS rep gave me a magnifying glass and showed me the display ring (the one that we would get should the ring be purchased from them), and even with the 10x mag i could barely see the inclusions. She said that they tend to be "conservative" with their grading.

Ring #2 A nearly identical ring From Sun Jewelry

Pros - Can be customized to put a larger .7/.8 carat center stone.
MUCH less expensive

Cons - No guarantee
No seeing in person before purchasing
Cost to return if not what I wanted
No "insurance" policy for the stone falling out in several months.
My research shows they use a different rating system that can be more "lenient"


So I guess my major questions are - What do you think about the Littman Jewelers Ring Price? Is it drastically overpriced for what I''m getting? When you buy a ring from an online company, who do you have to give it "checkups" Is there a cost for this?

Anyways I''d love to hear any thing your willing to share with suggestions or comments regarding this. Thanks in Advance!



Jan 13, 2006
Hi strawbearly,

To be honest, I'm not really thrilled with either option as far as stones and policies. As for the first ring, do you like warmer colored stones? That's something you need to make sure you're comfortable with. Also, at I1, even if you can't see the inclusion(s), I would wonder if it's affecting the stones performance any. Also, are these well cut stones? That is key to a stone being pretty. Taking a not so well cut stone, as these possibly could be, coupled with lower colors and clarity, is not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling. I don't like the fact, or understand, why they can't put different stones in it for you. I also think the ring is overpriced.

Not crazy about the policies of the second place.

Have you considered purchasing online? You could easily have that ring made. And you could pick exactly what you want, with well cut stones. I could make a recommendation to you.

Any jeweler in your area will do prong checks and clean your ring for free. You should get the ring insured through an insurance company, to cover loss of ring/stone/damage.



Jul 17, 2008
The setting is really pretty but the stones you are getting are not very nice. I agree you should go custom.
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