Too good to be true? Look at this ebay ring, please


Feb 25, 2010
Synthetic sapphire with routine treatments stated as "Routinely Enhanced, Coating, Diffusion, Dyeing, Heat & Pressure, Impregnating, Irradiation".

Not real, bad deal. Don't buy.

If you are looking for a real sapphire. Give us stats and we will help you find something nice. Hopefully within budget.


May 9, 2011
Thanks, you guys! I am looking for a colored stone, emerald cut, halo ring, preferable double halo. I like sapphires, but have also been looking at morganite, which I think is a lovely color. Because I want something that looks more substantial, I'm thinking I probably need to go the semi-precious stone route. I've seen a couple of styles on ebay that I really like, but it is so hard to tell how big they actually are, especially when they aren't on someone's finger.

Here are a couple of style's that I like: - $750

Thank you for your quick reply! This is such as nice site. :)


Jun 29, 2008
Other warning signs ........... so you know what to look for in the future:

1. Says "Diamonds are" but then doesn't go on to say anything. So basically it could say simulant (likely) or poor quality or or or or - there are so many different (not good) things these could be.

2. The sapphire is referred to as a sapphire in most places and only in one place does it say created. Watch out for this. If it says "created" or "lab" or "synthetic" even once, the seller doesn't have to say it each time (although personally I think a good seller should).

3. It says white gold. However, this could be plated in white gold. Because it doesn't say 9k, 14k, 18k etc., the chances are it's not white gold at all (although that's purely speculation).

4. Look at the photos. They've been taken with a very strong light to make the "sapphire" appear lighter than it will be in normal lighting conditions. Also, the lighting has made the "diamonds" look brighter/whiter. However you can still see how some of the diamonds look yellow - can you imagine how awful these will be in natural light? :-o

Basically, a lesson we've all learned the hard way is that if something is a bargain and too good to be true - it normally is!

Morganite is a cheaper stone and easier to source so that's probably a better route for you.
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