To those telling us to "get over it"


Aug 31, 2005
Consider the source(s). Almost everyone I've seen calling for people to "get over it" without a positive, kick-ass plan behind it had little to nothing to lose no matter what. And I know, even though the idea of privilege is still lost on some (on a diamond buying website, which is truly hitting the floor of depressing truths) it makes a huge difference, here.

I found it interesting that before Trump was even elected, as we discussed constitutional rights threatened under Hillary, I didn't hear a single one (and no, the 2nd didn't count). The conclusion was, "Well, Trump is better because...people think Hillary isn't truthful," despite my and others listing numerous constitutional amendments Trump implied he'd treat as toilet paper. But there are people with a lot to lose this time. More than slightly higher taxes. More than having to watch gay people kiss and get married and adopt babies. More than the annual War on Christmas freakout. And anyone with true empathy for those people won't be calling for anyone to "get over it" anytime soon. Not without, as I said, a kick-ass, protect the people kind of plan.

I have much empathy for people in suffering, rural areas as well, but where was the proof that Trump will be the savior they needed? Now, we have a lot of uncertainty for so, so many.
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