To keep Tacori warranty or not?


May 17, 2011
I have a Tacori ring currently set with a 1ct. CZ, and I am planning to buy a sapphire to replace the CZ. I've talked to the authorized dealer about getting this done, and they recommend that I send the stone and the ring to Tacori, in order to keep my warranty. Shipping would cost about $150, and setting the new stone would cost about $100.

The authorized dealer said that the size of the sapphire specifically has to be 6.5mm in diameter with a medium to thin girdle. The stone I have found is just about 6.5mm (give or take a few 0.01mm) and a med-thick to thin girdle.

I'm concerned about Tacori refusing to set this stone because of the girdle. I really love the color, and the custom jewelry store that has the stone has offered to set the stone for me and guarantee the setting for the center stone. But, any additional work to the ring would be an additional cost, and of course, this will nullify any warranty I had with Tacori.

I have never dealt with Tacori about warranty issues. Is it worth it to try to keep their warranty intact?

I've had several friends work with this custom jewelry store with highly successful results. In the few meetings I've had with them, I feel confident in the work that they could do for me if I choose that route.

I've linked my ring style if that would help at all. Thanks!

Amber St. Clare

Dec 15, 2009
Sorry, I can't help you re: guarantee. I just want to tell you that setting is absolutely stunning! :appl: Where's thr drool emoticon when I need it!?!


Mar 8, 2010
I think that I would talk to Tacori themselves before I got worried about it. If it was me, anyway. See what they have to say. I can't imagine they would have a problem with it, but who knows.


Oct 3, 2007
Hi Mrs. Tulip,

I just saw your post and wanted to respond. I have 2 Tacori rings, both of which have stones that were set by my jeweler. Setting the stones locally should not void any warranties. Now sizing the Cresecent bands, that is a different story. In fact, I just sent my e-ring back to Tacori to replace a gallery diamond that I knocked out and Tacori fixed it and made it look just like new, all under warranty, and that center stone had been set by the jeweler. The shipping cost was $65.00. Oh and yes, in my opinion, it is vitally important to keep the Tacori warranty intact, especially if you have a ring with lots small diamond melee details. Hope that helps!

Tacori E-ring

Aug 15, 2005
I don't know details of the Tacori warranty. Actually I was never even told about it. Maybe it didn't exist when I got my setting. I know my jeweler set my diamond. About 6 months after I knocked one of the sapphires out of my setting and they again removed my diamond and Tacori re-set a sapphire for free. Not sure if that helps, just my experience.
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