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TIGER WOODS asks: Is this Diamond a good deal?

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Feb 8, 2003
After being educated by this forum (unbelievably great basic diamond education), I went out to look. This is what I found:

IGI cert:
0.719 Carat
Brilliant round
Ideal cut
Diam: 5.78mm (5.74-5.81)x3.55
Depth: 61.4%
Crown: 34.1/14.4%
Pavil: 41/43.2%
Table: 3.22/55.8%
Girdle: 1.8% (1.3-2.2)%
Cutlet: 0.5% (very small)
D Colour

Took a look with that magnifying thingy and saw a tiny hair like inclusion near the centre. Did not bother me as there was no way I can see it naked....or with the naked eye.

He quoted me $6000 (approx. $4000 USD) cash price but is still slightly more negotiable...
It scored 0.8 on HCA using % for crown and pavil, but when i used the angles, it score 1.4...kinda weird there. Are both scores considered Ideal cuts?

Is this a decent price? Is IGI cert good? He said that the store policy is to also get a Gem Scan cert. Is that good too?
Please give me your opinion and I'll offer a free golf lesson!



Feb 4, 2003
IGI certs are considered less reliable than GIA or AGS. They have a reputation for being more liberal with their gradings, whereas GIA and AGS are more stringent.

Since you are dealing with colourless "D", it is pretty safe to assume that it is indeed colourless (ie. you aren't dealing with an F, which might actually be a G!).

However, the VS2 may be an SI1 if it was graded liberally!

The parameters of the stone look pretty good.

I, too, was looking at IGI stones when I started this all-consuming episode of my life. However, I simply felt that I needed the re-assurance of a GIA/AGS... you can always get it evaluated independently, too, to confirm the gradings and have the sale contingent on the stats matching up.

Check out comparable stones on pricescope.

Also, really well cut diamonds are available at USA Certed Diamonds (ie. SuperbCerts) or Good Old Gold, in the size, quality and price range you are talking about, and these are typically GIA or AGS certified, and have a lot of info that will help you make your decision. Shop around!


Jan 29, 2003
The proportions look good, but we consider IGI paper to be the lowest on the totem pole in terms of accuracy... If you like the diamond and the price is acceptable to you, buy it and be happy... But know that it probably wouldn't be graded as a D, VS-2 by the GIA or AGS laboratories.

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
hey I want my golf lesson next time you are in Melbourne!!!!

The angles are more accurate on HCA - 1.4 is pretty good.

The price - if you do a search on GIA stones that are E SI1 that would be a fair comparison, print the list and go haggle. You will save enough for an economy ticket to Australia to come give me my lesson
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