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Oct 28, 2004
Just wanted to comment- I am trying to pick a sapphire band, and my husband and I went into Tiffany in Fukuoka, Japan yesterday to check out the different styles. I just wanted to say, the Japanese have definitely figured customer service out! I''ve been in Tiffany in Dallas, and felt snobbed out; I went to their stores in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Saipan but never asked to see anything. Yesterday, though, I asked to see several bands, and not only did they get someone who spoke English to help me, but she was completely friendly and not snobby or pushy at all. She let me look at every band I wanted to see, and basically let me play with and compare them as long as I wanted even though it was clear I wasn''t buying right then. I think the Japanese have gotten it right- they provide great customer service and don''t push, and people will come back or at least leave with a happy jewelry fix.

Seeing the bands in person really helped me make up my indecisive mind.
We''re going to buy from signed pieces, but couldn''t pick the style... I was debating between channel set rounds and shared prong, and eternity vs half.... I decided I love the sparkle of the shared prong and LOVE the round stones. The channel-set, round all-sapphire band was gorgeous, but from a distance it looked pretty dark because of the channel setting. I definitely like the look of all-sapphires much more than the alternating diamonds. Also, while I love the look of the eternity bands, seeing them in person made me realize I would worry about smashing it all the time so I am going to get a 9 or 11 stone band.

As a note, their prices here are insane. About double US prices- the Lucida diamond/sapphire band was over 9K for a size 4 ring, and it''s just over 5K for a size 6 ring on the US site. Their super-cool graduated Jazz ring was 4100 here, it''s 2200 in the US (and I think even that is too high). I know there''s import tax, but seriously.
Are they that expensive in their other international locations too?

I will admit though, I wasn''t blown away by their engagement rings. I have an ACA from whiteflash, and my husband commented on how much their rings sparkled- until I flashed mine at him under their lights.
It wasn''t even that clean and actually out-sparkled most of them, I was quite pleased.

Just wanted to share. I have heard some bad things about Tiffany in the US, but at least their Japan salespeople are getting it right!


Mar 14, 2005
Thanks for posting your experience Jennalyns. I had a good experience shopping at the Tiffany''s in Scottsdale myself last month. They are expensive even in the states, but they do have some lovely things. My husband and I were in Japan last October and we were so impressed with how polite and helpful everyone was no matter where we went. It a lovely country with lovely people. I am also glad to hear that you were able to try some bands on in person to help you make your decision. Don''t forget to post pictures for us when after you order your rings!


Nov 24, 2006
Wow, I am glad you had fun!!! I really think customer service is really important. In fact if I don''t buy then I usually go back later (we always remember how people treat us).


May 14, 2006
glad to hear you had a good experience there. They seem to be really expensive abroad-a 1.03 carat lucida was 24000 euro in paris-that''s about 30000 dollars. That''s the reason that D and I decided to wait to return to the states to buy


Oct 22, 2006
I''ve had similar experiences with the Tachikawa store in Tokyo. We''ve gone maybe 3 or 4 times, and the staff has been more than happy to pull out anything we''ve pointed to. I''d say each visit was 45 minutes+.

For the service and not being "hot to make a sale", they''d have my business. As for the price? I can''t help but to think we can get the same quality or better for a fraction of the price. You are right that pricing was double to what Tiffany''s in the states goes for. For a .5ct round brilliant, we were looking at $8K.

I might be interested in buying some earrings or a necklace in the future from them.



Jan 21, 2004
Sad that you have to go to Japan for better least they got it right there!

The prices are higher for many reasons, but the main reason will be because in Japan they ware willing to pay it. It''s about exclusivity, and their clientelle want to buy higher end, and are not as cost contious as the US customer. It''s a different market entirely with different consumers motivated by different agendas.

From what I know Japanese love the smaller Lucida in higher colors and clarities, and the rounds are not as popular as they are in the US.
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