Jan 24, 2016
Can anyone provide insight on this diamond. Looks like it is cut very uniquely.

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Jul 27, 2009
raresauce|1458939024|4011061 said:
Can anyone provide insight on this diamond. Looks like it is cut very uniquely.
Si2 is a BIG category. It is impossible to tell from the information presented what kind of inclusions cause the grade, how easily visible they may be, or how they may impact light performance.

The Leo cut has more facets on the pavilion. That means the reflections you get are smaller. It's a different flavor round, with more of a twinkling effect without as many bold flashes. You may like it, you may not.

This is the kind of stone that would be much better to see in person before you buy it.


Jun 2, 2013
I personally am not a fan of the Leo cut, but you may like it & your opinion as to what "flavors" of diamond appeal to you matters more than mine. ;))
More importantly -- unlike the branded cuts whose names you've probably seen bandied about here on PS (e.g., Whiteflash's A Cut Above®, Good Old Gold's August Vintage® round and cushion stones, the Infinity diamonds offered by High Performance Diamonds) -- there's a wide range of color, clarity, and caliber of cut with Leo® diamonds. So buying a Leo offers no assurance of quality control; walk into any Kay or Jared store & you'll see Leos that are not appealing examples of the Leo genre, if not outright duds, selling for silly high prices.

I fear that you're on a wild goose chase (a decent 1 ct stone for ~ $2500 USD), but since you've not abandoned that idea, let me ask you this: would you be able to have this eBay Leo diamond independently assessed within 48 hours of receiving it, no matter when it arrives on your doorstep? Although the listing preliminarily suggests there's a 14 day-window to return for a full refund, the bigger print on this particular listing says you'd have to return it within 3 days (and give the vendor a heads up that you want to return it, so they can give you a delivery address for returns).

Also, check into how much it would cost you to return the stone -- via an insured method -- to NYC from wherever you are in Canada. The cost of return shipping may be higher than you're thinking.
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