Thoughts on custom wedding band/s


Jan 3, 2016
So I recently purchased this replacement engagement ring after having my orhional ring stolen. It's been quite a process. I love this setting but it is causing quite a challenge to pair it with any type of wedding band. The closest thing I have come to something I like was at Zales, and I hate the idea of purchasing from Zales. If I was to go with a similar design I wanting to get the texture as close to my engagement ring as possible. Any ideas? Also price range? My engagement ring is platinum but I'm not opposed to going to white gold to keep the cost down. I would rather spend money on diamonds than platinum. I am having a really hard time with this ring with the emotions behind the situation. I just want it perfect. The original ring I purchased from blue Nile. They had a beautiful matching band but it was straight across and I don't like the gap at all. Thank you for any help.






Aug 16, 2007
The thing at the bottom is a donut, yours is pretty large but not crazy. Honestly, sometimes it's easier to go with a premade band. For my "custom" ER I found the best wedding band at Zales of all places, it's curved to accommodate the "surprise " diamonds on mine. I've worn it for nearly 8 years with no issue. I would say it all depends on how much the Zales ring is selling for and how much someone can make something custom for you. Many on PS recommend David Klass for reasonably priced custom work. He's in LA I believe and does good CAD work although you would probably want to send him your ER to make sure it fits properly.

Good luck!
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