the wedding dress shopping experience

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Feb 15, 2007
One of my bridesmaids introduced me to pricescope soon after I got engaged and I quickly became addicted to reading all the forums. It took me some time to get started with all the wedding planning because my mom lived a few hours away, and we really couldn’t find a time to get together and talk weddings. But like all girls do once they get engaged I did my homework. I found many dresses that I fell in love with both through pricescope and though other sources, so I had a very good idea what I wanted.
I was finally able to get everyone together, and a total of 6 people including me went to the Bridal Store in Fresno CA, Elegant Bride. As soon as we entered the store we were treated extremely rudely. They treated me like I wasn’t worth their time, and they just wanted to get me out of there. They refused to let me know what kind of dress I was trying on and refused to write down any styles down, even a file for them so when I came back they knew which one I had tried on before.
I found a few dresses that I liked, and I asked for a veil that would match the dress. The lady told me if I wanted the dress and was willing to put a deposit on the dress she would find the veil for me. I was so fed up with this lady I told her to have a nice day, and we walked out of the store.
I was extremely frustrated after that, and my mom suggested that we go to David’s Bridal since we had some time. I called them, and they said it wouldn’t be a problem to go in right then. Once I got there, I felt like a bride. They were gushing over me and were excited about helping me. I told the consultant what I wanted and I ended up trying on 3 dresses. Each one looked perfect on me, But as soon as I walked out with the Oleg Cassini style 5438 I knew that it was the one. My consultant found the perfect shoes and veil right away, and I was floored. It was perfect.
Anyway, I just wanted to post here because if anyone from the Central Valley is thinking about going to Elegant Bride, save your self some frustration.





Oct 18, 2005
It''s beautiful and looks stunning on you! Congrats!

Sorry about the crappy experience... I went to a store once where the salespeople were so stressed and pushy it was no fun at all!


Nov 30, 2005
Wow! Gorgeous! That is one of the things I liked about David''s bridal, the ladies were so nice and enthused.
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