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The prices of gemstones

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Feb 2, 2007
Hi hi
I''m only the minor collector of gemstones and crystal.

I knew the prices of gemstones for worldwide are quite expensive but in my country (Malaysia), I found their prices r moderate and fair especially for cabochon cut. So i think maybe the price sometimes depends on the place who sells them. I think the following example will support my statement but its depends on your judgment to think whether those are genuine stone or not:
* My friend gave me a sapphire stone (actually a star sapphire but its star is blur and this stone is absolutely opaque, purple stone). From its appearance, I thought it came from Myanmar (it has strong hexagonal growth band)
* I found a store that sells aquamarine (very light sea green color tone) for just $2 per ct so I bought one 7 ct cabochon cut aquamarine. I found the inclusion it it but don''t remember the term used for its inclusion, so I''ll tell later
* I found a store that sells a medium green tourmaline in matrix, the tourmaline has approximately 6cm in length, diameter of 1cm. It is old for the price of $278
* I found a store that sells very nice, deep color tone of bi-color rough tourmaline crystal (red and yellow), approximately 10ct for $50
* I''ve bought a light color tone amethyst rock, 455 grams for $11
* I''ve bought a very gorgeous rock crystal specimen, about 100 grams for $8
* I''ve bought a rose quartz crystal about 300 g, for $8
* I found a store that sells a light color tone citrine rock, about 600 grams for $17
* I found another store that sells rough ruby (in matrix) and rough sapphire crystal but I still don''t ask the owner about their price but I think they r not expensive as we always hear from rumors and "world''s price"

There are so many thing that I wanna tell but I think I''ve to save it for another time.
Thanks a lot for your next posted comments
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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