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Mar 2, 2013
Deb - :wavey: I do hope your dad is doing okay.

Where is this other thread/forum you noted; can you please link to it? I could flood the Internet with Donut pics ... she knows how cute she is and loves posing for the camera. :lol:

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"Donut" is a golden retriever & yellow lab mix (or so the rescue vet thinks; she and two other 8wk old puppies were surrendered to the SPCA, and the rescue brought them in to their program due to overcrowding at the SCPA, I believe). She's about 6 months old now with a big loving personality, is an incredible snuggler, and I adopted her & another adult dog (female beagle - german shepherd mix) this past October. I'm so glad I adopted them both at the same time because the adult (who had received training by her previous owners) has been a huge help in teaching Donut the ropes (housebreaking, behavior, etc.) and they make awesome playmates. I love them both to pieces, and am so thankful they picked me to be their fur-mom.

Hi, Jenn-

I'm not sure I should continue in this thread or start a new doggy thread, but we have been talking a bit about The Golden Retriever Forum in the thread about MayK's new puppy and I don't want to threadjack that one to talk about Donut. (I already threadjacked it to talk about my dogs. You can threadjack it talk about Donut, though. I think each of us dog owners has talked about our own dog there!)

She is really precious. I have owned both a Golden Retriever and a yellow Lab. Each was as smart as a whip. I bet she could study for a Ph.D!!! (Poor Griffin would be left back in kindergarten because he still wants to take naps, not pay attention!)

My Lab, although purebred, was a rescue. I almost killed him myself many times. He was a menace!

More info on your dogs, please!

Deb :wavey:

PS-If you haven't tried The Golden Retriever Forum, try it!
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