Thank you! - Now the setting


Feb 11, 2015
I just wanted to drop a quick Thank You note, about a month ago I was panicking over a stone I bought--that I loved- after a bad B&M experience that made me cry (I am NOT a crier)honestly everyone's kind words made me calm down and head over to GOG (I am a local to them) and as of yesterday they started on a custom CAD setting for me and I couldn't be happier! I am so excited to see what they are going to come up with after my ideas were all over the place. The woman I worked with focused me ( I can be sometimes be like an excitable puppy) and I hope that you will all help me with my fun RHR CAD setting once it comes! I do truly appreciate all the help SO thank you again. After multiple attempts at ordering and re-ordering stones here is a (understandably bad) photo of my new fancy yellow oval RHR diamond. Please excuse the weird photo of it next to my erring, its on the tweezer ring and my fingers are way to large to wear it for a photo.
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