Thank you all, ERD and Eternity Diamonds


May 22, 2011
Hi Guys,
first of all i want to say thank you to every one on this board who contributed in helping me fine the engagement ring of my dreams even with my tight budget. After much research and advice from you all i bought a diamond from ERD and then started the process of finding a nice halo for my diamond that was affordable too. I went with recommendations from you all and decided to try Eternity diamonds.

First of all it was nice of them to have samples that could be sent out to me and this was a plus. The samples were so beautiful compared to other samples that i had received from a different company and i immediately decided to go with them. Although the samples were made for a princess shaped diamond, they were able to assure me that they will modify it to fit my cushion shaped diamond. The process was relatively fast though seem almost like eternity to me the setting was finally ready and i sent out my stone to them to have it set. Although they had told me they set for a fee they actually set my stone for me for free and sent it back.

I most say that i love my ring it is so nice and delicate and beautiful and of very good quality too. It is every thing i could have wished for and the price was so affordable for my fiance and i. Also Yoni the customer service rep was so nice to work with he kept on top of every thing and made me feel comfortable about the process.

I would definitely recommend them to any one looking for beautiful settings at an affordable price. I have tried to include the pics i hope it shows



Apr 28, 2008
Wow, they did a fantastic job!!

Isn't Yoni the best?
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