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Dec 3, 2002
I am glad to have come across this forum as it has taught me so much. Most of my knowledge has been attributed from reading the many informative threads (Rocdoc,Rhino,Mara, Lawmax, LawGem,CutNut,Student to name just a few). I especially would like to thank Leonid for having a forum that is both informative and open for opinion as we have seen in many threads.

My search is finally over. The diamond came in yesterday, three days late and once lost in transit, and it was perfect. It spoke to me right away and could only hope it would to my now fiance. Yep proposed last night and I believe she may even be happier than myself ( did I say she said YES!:bigsmile:] ).

I finally input the numbers into the HCA and it showed exactly what I thought it would, again due to the people in this forum.

If you can believe it I ended up buying it at a B & M as their price was better than any broker here in Canada( after they had matched a price from a CDN broker which was certified by a CDN company GemScan with a better cut stone and far trusted certifying company) and inline with prices in the States before the 25% duty or tax. As I am so happy with my work I must share

AGS Ideal : 0 (triple ideal)
Color : F
Clarity : VS1
Carat : .765
Depth % : 60.8
Table % : 56.0
Crown Angle : 35.2
Pavilion Angle : 40.8
Culet : pointed
Fluorescense : none
HCA : 1.5

Thanks to all from my finance (just getting used to it) and myself. Leonid, if you could run th numbers through to make those beautiful pictures it would be an added bonus.

Sincerely Chris & new fiance


Oct 30, 2002
Congrats! There is nothing better than making an informed and educated purchase *and* knowing you got a great deal. I love doing research on items before buying (friends joke that whenever they are going to buy anything they will just set me on the trail first), but especially when spending a not-so-small amount of money, it feels even better to know that you refused to be one of the masses, and instead made your own choices. Glad all went well and that your fiancee loved your selection! :appl:
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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