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Testing for Brilliance, Fire & Scintillation

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carbon lover

Jan 19, 2003
There seems to be a number of confusing tests available to test for Brilliance, Fire & Scintillation:

ANGLES - Sarin and OGI

LIGHT - Brilliance Scope, Fire Scope and Light Scope

Which is the best? Can any one recommend jeweler/ diamond sellers that offer these tests in Los Angeles? Or would a diamond appraiser be the one to offer tests?

What is the best certification GIA or AGS? GIA doesn''t list angles. I''ve heard EGL is more "seller" friendly.

Thanks. This process is so technical!



Mar 21, 2001

Not confusing at all.

Stick with diamonds that have either GIA or AGS
reports. These labs are recognized world-wide for
their excellent and consistent diamond grading.

Avail yourself of all tools on the market today
for analyzing and evaluating diamonds.
The FireScope/IdealScope/ImageScope are
all variations of each other that are designed to measure
a diamond's light leakage. Read the fine tutorial
by Gary Holloway on the IdealScope on this site.

The BrillianceScope is a light refractometer manufactured
by Gemex Systems ( for more detailed
information) that measures the type, extent, and
intensity of a diamonds light output. It is an
instrument that is gaining increasing confidence among the
public buying diamonds over the internet.
There are a few online vendors (we are one of them)
that use the BrillianceScope to display the light performance of our diamonds.

Sarin and OGI manufacture machines that measure
the precision of a diamonds "Cut", the most important
of a diamonds "5 C's". These machines are capable
of detailed analyses that will assist you in
your shopping.

Take the time to read, educate yourself, and
compare. It's not difficult at all.

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