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Feb 11, 2003
I guess I''m at that age where more than a few of my friends are getting serious about getting married... Before purchasing a e-ring for my future wife, I tried to learn as much as possible about diamonds because it really is a large purchase for such a small item!!!

Anyway, I know few people who will be getting engaged soon - I can''t resist the temptation of offering advice on buying a diamond (whether the advice is solicited or not). I''ve tried to be subtle and let them know that before they go to the local jeweler, they need to understand what constitutes a good diamond and a good deal. Moreover, there''s more to diamond shopping than just the 4C''s...

Good friends are easy - you can flat out tell them to go to goodoldgood, pricescope, etc to learn about diamonds and let them know they''re foolish if they take the local jeweler’s advice without recognizing the bias.

Anyone have any hints on how to "plant the education seed" a little more tactfully to people you don’t know well enough to be so blunt?


Oct 30, 2002
I find that telling them that there is SO much to learn about diamonds before buying kind of piques their interest. It will depend on the person and their idea of what is interesting, but assuming you know something about them (e.g. they like technical talk or they like to hear about artistic things) then you can tailor your little seed planting towards their personalities. If they like tech talk and/or math stuff, intrigue them by talking about the different mathematical aspects of cutting stones and all that. My fiance LOVES that talk. He's very into math and science. But if they are more artistic or imaginative...talking about how you actually SEE a difference with your own eyes between a well cut stone vs not may intrigue them.

Then once they are intersted, float them pictures of IS images or links to the HCA or something for them to look into themselves. Plus if your fiance has a great stone, just seeing that will make them believe you!!

Maybe that will help!


Feb 22, 2003
Hey Matt!

The nuances of trying to guide people are always tough. What works with one person, doesn't work with another as Mara pointed out.

Probably the best way to get them is the "proof is in the pudding" approach. If you have or when you buy your diamond that will get them hooked for you. Nothing beats a captivated audience and seeing is believing. Once they see your diamond, and oooo and aaaahhh, they'll ask where you got it. Then you can relate your story about Diamond facts, comparing prices, etc., etc., etc. Until then, you have to gently prod based on each person's interests and personality.

It's great you want to help others make good choices. So many people today would just let them go on their Maul shopping spree without a second thought. Maybe even yuck it up too about how stupid their friends are. Don't ever change. The world could use more folks like you!


Sep 3, 2000
I tell people to shop in regular stores and to also visit some of my favorite Internet sites FIRST. Then we talk and have an informed person who will better understand any further advice I may have for them.

If they won't go to the trouble of educating themselves a little first, I figure they are the ones who really just want to do it the dumb old way... Take a roll of the dice and get it over with. Those people can't really be helped and I don't worry a lot about them.

People who seek some advice and are willing to take a few minutes or hours to learn are proving their desire to do the job carefully. They deserve the assistance and they get it.
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