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Oct 16, 2002
After reading a post by Cut Nut about a week ago, I ventured over to his site and read most of the tutorials. Cut Nut offered an interesting image of two diamonds; one weighing 1 ct and the other approx .5 ct (if I remember correctly). The image of the two diamonds showed how two diamonds of significantly different weights can have the similar table sizes. It appears that in this particular example, the heavier diamond had been cut poorly in an effort to purposefully increase weight and price, while the lighter diamond had been cut properly and had the same table size as its heavier counterpart. I am still planning on buying something around 1 ct (societal pressure I suppose), but I want to make sure that I get a diamond that is cut very well and doesn't have excess or "wasted" weight. I know there are certain ranges that fit the ideal cut, but I wonder if some of you wouldn't mind commenting on what the exact ideal is and how I can minimize "wasted" weight.

Thank you in advance.


Oct 27, 2002
Some of the other individuals may not agree with me but here is my two cents. The idea of Ideal is only that. Yes Diamonds that are within certain percentages will look more brilliant and of course be more costly but noone can say that 57% table with 62% Depth will be the diamond to look for. That Diamond (excluding all other characteristics) will of course be a great looking stone but you are the one who has to be happy with the diamond. My suggestion is to look at stones with "Ideal Proportions" and to look at stones that do not have "Ideal Proportions" People will advise you to buy as close to the "Ideal Proportions" because these diamonds tend to be more brilliant, radiant and scintillating stones. Be aware that depending on the Institute that grades the diamond (GIA, AGS, EGL, etc,) the "Ideal Proportions" will vary a tad. The best thing is to find something that you really like and then make sure that you don't pay too much for it. Good Luck


Nov 26, 2001
Mustang, there's a member "old Miner" who has proportions listed nicely at his site. I believe they're also posted here, at Pricescope. Try "cut adviser" above.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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