Suggestions for custom WF Petite Open Cathedral?

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Feb 18, 2009

I''m considering having White Flash custom make the Petite Open Cathedral e-ring and matching band for me with platinum instead of white gold. Since I would be paying more for the custom price, I can probably ask for some modifications. Do current owners of this setting and/or band have any recommendations? I know people who own it (i.e. jess1981, Blingy in the Rockies, gigglebuns1186) have been raving about the ring but is there *anything* at all you would change?

Here are some things I''m considering (please refer to attached image for illustrations):

A. Instead of having the arms shoot straight up at that tilted angle, curve them downward a bit more and lower the tip of the arm a bit so there''s less distance between the e-ring top shank diamonds and the w-band''s top shank diamonds

B. Make shared prong tips lay flat and not stick out at all

C. Make the ridges between each shared prong more subtle (less of the U/V shape) and just basically flatter.



Nov 29, 2007

Silver buggy:

I thought I would give some input since I have the same setting. You can see my ring here

I would not change the shared prongs at all. The shared prongs on the band are very delicate. I think the U shape allows more light to get to each tiny diamond and maked them sparkle like crazy. The prongs holding the diamond actually do not look like the stock photo from the website, they do curve in more.

If I could change anything. I may have gotten the letago head from whiteflash and I may still do that later. Here is the letago head

I will try and answer your questions

A. I would not change that angle. I like the way it lines up to the head. I think it would change the cathedral look.

B. I really don''t think they stick out. I am looking at mine right now and they are just so tiny in real life and I think they sit pretty flush with the top of the diamonds.

C. I think I already answered that. The u shape is one feature I like because I think it allows more light in.

Hope that helped. I wonder if you could have whiterflash send you an empty setting for you to look at, before you have yours made?

What size will your center stone be silverbuggy? If you don''t mind me asking.



Jan 21, 2006
You can probably get it in platinum without "going custom" and paying a "custom" price. If you end up making modification it will even further increase the price (I''m guessing).


Jan 18, 2008
Ditto everything Jess1981 has said - you need to remember this photo is blown up at least 10 times bigger than the real life ring,
and this things you're concened about just may not be visible IRL.

WF make nice quality jewellery, and this is one of their popular designs - I don't think it would be badly executed.

Maybe its just the case buggy that you don't really love this setting, and I'm wondering if it may be better to keep looking for something
you love "as is", or else go custom and start from scratch?

For example, point A - this is what makes it a Cathedral setting - changing this would change the whole style.
perhaps you don't actually want a cathedral, but some other type of solitaire?
Point B and C - That is just how shared prong settings look - either you're a fan or you're not kwim?..perhaps you would like bead set better?
However, I seriously doubt these will bother you IRL. Have you looked at the photos of this ring around PS on people's hands etc?
Here is a photo of blingy in the rockies gorgeous ring from her current thread..(hope you don't mind!).

The overall look is quite alot more subtle IRL..

I also agree with Jess that adding the Legato head could be a nice modification - but than again I'm biased

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