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Oct 19, 2005
Can I ask which resorts in Mexico you have been looking at (so_happy) and stayed at (tacori) and also who you used to book? BF and I have been looking for an affordable Mexican vacation and the cheapest we have been coming up with prices similar to yours for 4 days, rather than a week... Thanks in advance!

Tacori E-ring

Aug 15, 2005
We stayed at Iberostar Paraiso del Mar Hotel in Rivera Maya. It is a newer resort so it was really pretty. The staff was SOOO friendly. The beach and pools were great. My full review of it can be found here which has a few pictures.

DH has already said he wanted to go back. We went to a local travel agent (I don''t think it is a national company). For 7 days and direct flights it was around $2,000. You just can''t beat that price! We went at the end of August so I am pretty sure that is off season. It might be slightly more now. If you ever watch "Chris Angel: Mindfreak" he did a show at the same resort we were at (DH is a fan)


Sep 30, 2006

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Nov 12, 2006

Travelocity dot com has wonderful prices (better than expedia right now for some reason). BUT BUT BUT........I recently switched gears completely and we decided to go to Aruba so as to avoid hurricaine worries altogether :)

Thus, I worked fevereshly (sp?) on researching a whole new locale and we ended up finding a fantastic deal on beachdestinations dot com. We''re on a budget so to go to Aruba on a budget of $4k (and hope to stay for 7 nights) is pretty challenging but we found an all-inclusive (Occidental Grand....the highest rated one of the few in Aruba at 4 stars......not near as many as you''ll find in mexico) including airfare for $3200 on this site!

I had to let go of my dreams of a jacuzzi in the room (mexico is crawling with that lovely perk but Aruba just isn''t for our budget) but I (half) joked to my sweetie about buying a spa mat from Conair at Walmart and put the thing in the tub at Occidental lol.

Anyhow, I BOOKED IT TODAY !!!!!!!! So it''s a done deal now. Which is quite relaxing just be done with all the deciding and researchign y''know? Now I get to play with our saved $800 and plan our excursions (HUGE yippeeee!). And we stopped in Aruba for several hours on our first cruise together and it was the most awesome (yes, I used the word awesome lol), beautiful, place with the most gorgeous ocean and sand I''ve EVER seen since. So we are VERY happy to be able to go back.

Furthermore.......we are so excited to be able to drink all day and night long for "free" :) After this wedding planning, we will WANT to not open our wallets one more time for the whole trip so this will be pure bliss.

So give that site a look and let me know whatcha find :) Hopefully it''ll give you a wonderful price, too. Can''t wait to hear where you book :)

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