small diamonds and your opinion on these bands!

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Jun 12, 2003
Hello everyone!
I am now in the market for looking for a band to go flush with my e-ring. I''ve thought of 3 ring options..

1) 2 tapered baguettes below the baguettes on the e-ring.

2) 2 tapered baguettes with a baguette in the center (under the center stone), OR

3) This interesting band which I have attached but in case, here is the link The small rounds seem to "hug" the center stone. This is a Vatche ring, I have not been able to see in person because the stores that carry his line don''t have it!

My center stone is a 1.35 ct DVS1 ideal cut and it sparkles like crazy!
Baguettes are .16 each and color F. I''m guessing the size of each of those 3 rounds on the 3rd band would be about 5-7 points each. I only want them if they match (D-F color and decent clarity) and add sparkle.. my question.. Can and do diamonds that small have an ideal cut? Or something very close? is that hard to find in stones so small? Also, would putting F round stones be noticable against a D? I think I can see a difference between my RB and baguettes, but maybe it''s because I stare so hard I''m cross-eyed

Also, I''d like your opinion on that band.. Does it look too busy? Do you think it would enhance or detract from the center stone? And also, if anyone has a set that is similar and put together in a picture, I''d GREATLY appreciate if you''d post it! I''m dying to see this set together! It intrigues me because it''s different from the other bands I''ve seen that go with this type of RB/baguette e-ring.

What do you think about options 1 or 2? Keep in mind I will have something custom-made since nothing will sit flush against the e-ring. Not too sure how option 2 would turn out for that reason.. Thanks for your 2 cents!



Dec 12, 2000
Hello diamluvr

To answer your question about the .07 ct round ideal cut diamond. Yes, those diamonds can be purchased from along with the Vatche' ring. BTW Engagement rings is a division of They have E&F colors, VS clarity in not just ideal cut but also with H&A. These little guys really sparkle and perk up a ring.
So, when you order your ring, make sure to tell the person taking your order that you want the H&A .07 E/F VS dimonds as your side rounds.

I think the ring is a good looking ring and busy like many rings that I see. It looks like a winner to me but it is our company that is selling it.
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