Size, Clarity, Colour?

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Aug 1, 2002
Hi all,

I've been on the market for some time now looking for a D IF princess cit diamond and I have posted a few topics on this BB with regards to my search. A number of times I have been advised that I am wasting my time with a D IF as the difference is not visible to the eye, and I shoulf spend my money on a bigger F-G VS1-2, So I thought I'd have a look and see what I could get for my bucks. Below are some of the diamonds I found, the last one is too expensive but I've included it as a comparison. all have very similar depth and table ratios and at frst sight it looked like I could get a 0.73 carat F VS2 for a simmilar price as my D IF but when I looked at the measurements there was very little diference:knockout:

Carat Color Clarity Depth Tbl Measurements Price
0.57 D IF 72.2% 66% 4.95*4.42*3.19 $2791*
0.73 F VS2 72% 66% 4.98*4.96*3.57 $2928*
1.02 I VS1 72.2% 66% 5.70*5.29*3.82 $3809*

Does this mean the D IF is likely to be a bad cut?

Any help welcome

Best regards HP


Jul 15, 2002

I am no expert, but having just bought a 1.10ct. princess cut (G,VS1,5.91x5.81x4.16) I figured I'd give my humble opinion. I would think it's not that D IF is not usually cut well, but since a D IF is somewhat hard to find, your options as far as cut are limited. If I were you, I would pick the F stone b/c it's cut square. The D IF is going to be rectangular. If you like rectangular cut princesses, then it looks like a good stone from the limited info. My personal preference is for square princess cut stones b/c I have found that the less square a princess cut is, the more light that leaks out the sides...

If you're buying over the internet, let me know. I can give you the name of where I bought my diamond from. (They are wonderful & actually got me a stone I found on Pricescope!!)

Good Luck!!


Jul 15, 2002
I bought my diamond from Diamond Brokers of Florida. ASk for Jan(owner). She is not pushy at all and will give you great info. I bought from them b/c their prices are very good, they have a 100% tradeup policy, they don't charge you for the diamond until 7 days after you view it, they will send to an independant appraiser for you to get the diamond checked out, they give you a brilliancescope report & sarin report on every diamond because they look at the diamond before they send to you!!! ( MANY co.'s on the internet just call up the cutter & send you the stone from cutter, they don't even look at it???) Jan & her husband own the store & they are both graduated from GIA.

All I did was e-mail her with the specs. I was looking for and she emailed me back with the stone I bought (the 1st time!) I was amazed... They have a store in Florida and have been in business for many years.

Here's the stone I bought:
G color
VS1 clarity
Depth: 71.4
Table: 70
Good/Good Pol. & Sym.
No Flor. or Culet
Price: $4,400.00!!! credit card
(It would have been $4,290.00 if I wired the money, but I wanted the additional protection of the credit card.)
The stone is wonderful & I went to 8 stores & looked at about 30 stones.

Anyway, if you have any other questions, just let me know...

:)) :))
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