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Mar 13, 2009
So I have been looking into diamond alternatives and I have some questions.

Everyone is saying that Nexus Diamond Labs are bad because they are CZ. Now is this only because they don''t admit that their product is CZ and just say its a diamond simulant? and because it is way over priced for being CZ?

Now I found a company called Sitaragem ( and began looking into their product. On their site they say this about their product, "We meticulously select the finest rough crystals and add rare minerals and other special treatments to create our Sitaragem Core." They have a Sitaragem vs. CZ page and the only real difference I get is that Sitaragems are hand cut and polished with diamond powder whereas CZ are machine cut and not polished or finished by hand.

I wanted to know more so I emailed the company and told them that I couldn''t find anywhere on their site that listed the materials that their gems are made of and I asked if they were just hand cut Zirconium Dioxide and polished with diamond powder. I also asked them how their product compares to a mined diamond this is what they said:

"Our Sitaragem is rated at 9.1 Mohs, Excellent cut, Excellent brilliance (2.40), Excellent Dispersion (.44 - .46), Colorless D/E, VVS1 – IF Clarity, and carries a Lifetime Warranty with Certificate of Authenticity. At $199/carat (CAD)."

"We have a specialized formula consisting of certain rare minerals and other elements that I am not at liberty to say. But, I can give you some of the ingredients that formulate the Sitaragem core. C (6), O (8), S (16,) Fe (26), Co (27), Ni (28), Y (39), Zr (40), Hf (72). Zirconium Dioxide is one of the main ingredients, but not the sole ingredient. Yes, our Sitaragem is truly hand cut to Ideal/Excellent proportions which guarantees the optical reaction to light will be very much like expensive minded diamonds cut the same way."

Now What concerns me is that these ingredients are the same as the ones that are listed under ''The Elements'' section on the Diamond Nexus Labs page listings and I saw some studies online that a lab tested the Diamond Nexus Gem and said that it didn''t even have all of the ingredients actually in them that they have listed on their site.

Has anyone else ever looked into Sitaragem? I am just trying to understand all of this and if anyone has any views/opinions on this I would appreciate reading them!!


Feb 11, 2008
I don''t have much to say, but I wouldn''t trust a company that is secretive about the material that the product is made of or how they make it. If they are boasting similar light performance to diamonds, they should say how they made it happen.


Mar 19, 2009
A friend of mine purchased a Sitaragem a few months back. He seemed quite pleased with the quality. We had a look at it with a 10x loupe and confirmed it was nicely hand-cut. I am not exactly sure about its composition but I believe the main ingredient is zirconium and they have added other elements into the mix to enhance the durability. Over all, reputable canadian company with a half-decent product for the money. hope that helps! Robert.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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