Single prong eternity?


Oct 31, 2012
Hi everyone!
I have a 1.55 ct. cushion cut ring on a micropave band, and a 3-row curved micropave eternity band. I do love them but I don't like that they look so "matchy", so I was thinking about adding another thin eternity band to wear in between them to mix it up a bit (and add a little more bling!). I was looking at one on etsy. Its description is 24 round brilliant cut G-H color VS2 SI1 clarity diamonds, with a total carat weight of 0.95ct. Price is $1400 for a 5.5 size. He said he can do E color diamonds for $100 more.

My questions -
1) Do you think a single prong eternity band would look nice in the middle of my set? or another suggested style?
2) Is this a good price for the described single prong eternity?

thank you!



Mar 28, 2014
First off, let me just say your set is gorgeous! :love: Some people love the matchy look, and it's a great option to have. I am like you, and prefer a non-matchy set most of the time. I especially love stacking. :bigsmile:

1.) I think a single prong eternity would look gorgeous in your set - however, the exposed girdles of the diamonds on the single prong eternity might scratch and damage the basket/prongs on your engagement ring. In which case, you would need to stack an additional thin, plain spacer band in between to protect your e-ring. That might be a bit too overwhelming in the stack. Another option is a bezel eternity (with or without milgrain), which would not damage your engagement ring. I like this look because it has the look of clearly separated stones.

2.) I am not an expert in pricing, but it sounds like $1400 is a fair (perhaps even good) price. It really depends on the quality of the ring, and it's hard to say without knowing the vendor. If you go with a "PS-approved" vendor like Whiteflash or Brian Gavin, you are guaranteed to get melee diamonds with great, diamond aficionado-approved quality. I also recommend ID Jewelry- they will probably get you a better price than the aforementioned vendors, but you should make sure to mention that you are a Pricescoper and want Pricescope quality stones.
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