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Oct 20, 2012

I very sadly lost a family ring, it was a rose gold cigar style (initials) engraved signet ring that my Great Grandparents gave my Grandfather the day he left for WWII, he loved it and upon his death it was left to me.

Long story short, my husband and I were living overseas and my husband's company pulled us out to return to Canada at very short notice due to safety concerns. I had the ring with me when we left (it took five days to get home) and somewhere along the way I have lost it. I am devastated that I was so careless with it, I keep going over and over in my mind what happened to it, it held very little financial value but great sentimental value, our insurer said it would be worth less than $100 as it had become so thin with 70+ years of wear. After searching and searching every pocket, every suitcase, every bag, calling the hotels and the airlines, it seems it is gone and I need to accept that.

After that preamble, I am lucky to have a high resolution photo of the ring and the engraving. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations of a company that specializes in signet rings? The budget I have in mind is about $1000-1500USD including import taxes to Canada.

So far I have found this, this style is very similar to the the ring I lost but is much heavier than the original ever would have been, I'm not sure if it will be too chunky, I have a size 6.5US right hand ring finger so perhaps that is also a consideration? I think if I have it remade I want it to last, so maybe a cigar style could be too thin and to be passed down to future generations with it's own story as the first ring was? I'm not too worried about making it an exact replica in regards to the sides, the quality of the replica of the engraving is important to me.

I'm very open to any suggestions of other companies.

Kind regards and thanks for you opinions.



Apr 21, 2010
As another option, check out Dexter Signet Rings ... they are based in England ... they made me a signet ring back in 2003 I think, which was beautifully crafted and has stood the test of time ... my DH has wanted a signet ring for a while now and we'll be going with Dexter again once he decides if he wants his initials or a design ... Dexter has a lot of choices in terms of metal karatage and ring shapes and sizes - check out their "Product Details" tab.

Good luck with your project!
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