SI2 clarity

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Mar 2, 2003
I am seriously considering buying a diamond that has everything going for it except clarity. It''s a Very Good cut Princess, E color, with Very Good polish, Very Good Symmetry, and no Flourescence. Slightly more table than depth....except it''s only SI2 clarity. I have never even considered a diamond this low before, but I think this one may be a really good value, considering the cut, color and polish. If there''s a professional online, please advise. I am worried that the flaw (this diamond is being ordered online, so I can''t see it) may be detectable with the naked eye. I know a lot of SI diamonds need a loop, but I think most of those are SI1. Anyway, please advise. BTW....the dealer is Blue Nile.


Feb 23, 2003
Hi Hoakly!

I am not an expert or anything - although thinking about it after the amount of crap I am going through lately!

Anyways - about the SI2 stone. I felt the same exact way you did about them. I had a VS1 before and promised myself I would never go under that. Well I just purchased a 1.07 that is a SI2 - and I got very lucky. The guy I was dealing with said he was surprised it was even graded that way because the amount of inclusions were so faint even under a 10X loop, they couldn't be easily detected. I definately can't see them with the naked eye - and under the loop, I couldn't see anything major either. I was concerned about the black specks that tend to happen in a worse clarity.

I would say check it out completely when you get it and if it has anything noticable, return it for a better clarity. I just happened to be able to see mine in person and was impressed. Not everyone will have that luck though.

:) GOOD LUCK! Keep us posted!


Dec 1, 2002
Take a look at the nature and location of the inclusions, as they are specified on the grading sheet.

I recently picked up a helluva deal: AGS, 1.04 ct, id/id/id, E, SI2 round brilliant for under $5k.
All of the inclusions are either on the pavillion, or by the girdle.
I have a hard time finding any of the inclusions with a 10x loupe!

By the way, I am returning this diamond to Not that there was anything wrong with the diamond, but I just want something with even more sparkle than this one.



Jan 23, 2003
SI 2s can be very beautiful looking stones, 100% eye clean or real dogs... Try to look at the diamond's plot on the scanned cert and tell us where the inclusions are... This is a very important factor. Also, can you call them and ask for a verbal description of the stone?? It would be very helpful!
Also, can you post all the cut specs???



Mar 21, 2001
SI-2's can be beautiful eye-clean diamonds.

Don't rely on the 2-dimensional GIA plot as
they tell you absolutely nothing about the size, color,
real position, or reflectivity of the inclusions.

Be particularly careful with Princess Cuts as inclusions
at or near the points are dangerous; this area is
prone to chipping and fracturing. If the plot shows indented natural(s), they are probably at or near the points and indicate an area that may chip and
fracture with continued wear. You'll never know or find out
too late, as this area is at or near a covered prong.

Ask your Blue Nile Customer rep if they can have a
a 10-20X dark-field photo taken to highlight the inclusions as well magnified photos in natural
light. If that is not possible, have their gemologist
loupe the stone and describe the findings to you.
If that can't be done, and you're still interested,
buy the stone, examine it yourself or have it evaluated by
an independent appraiser. You can always return it for
a full guaranteed refund.

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