Show me your 1.5-2.00 cushion cut 3/4-full eternity bands!


Oct 23, 2012
Since having my baby, my wedding band does not fit anymore. It cannot be resized since it is an eternity band; I cannot get it on and off with any kind of ease and because of that, it has ruined my knuckle for good (see picture). I'm trying to figure out what band would look best with my engagement ring.

First, I was leaning towards a 3/4 eternity with .20 rounds, but while beautiful and will give maximum sparkle, I felt like the round bands I tried just didn't look right to me with my ring. I then thought about getting square radiants to match my ring, but I'm worried that the variability in cut will not look uniform with them all lined up in a row next to each other. I also considered emerald and asscher cut, but want something that will be super sparkly, too. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE emeralds and asschers for their classic look and bold flashes of color, but sparkle is the key for me right now.

While at a jewelry store looking and trying on the run-of-the-mill wedding band settings, I mentioned all of the above to the salesperson and she said that rounds were the way to go for sparkle (ok, understood) but a close second for sparkle would be cushions. I mulled that over for a few hours in my head and then it hit me: east/west elongated cushion cuts in a 3/4 eternity. I'm a visual person and unfortunately there are no such bands to see or try on. I have also scoured the internet for pictures with a similar center stone as mind with a band like I've described to no avail.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure it will look good but I thought I would try THE "go-to" place (here!) and ask if anyone happened to have a combo similar. I think that the north/south setting of my rectangular radiant engagement ring with east/west flow of the wedding band will be awesome. Can anyone help me? Or perhaps offer some input to anything I said (or didn't) say/think of here?

I should also mention that if you are a jeweler in the NYC area (I am in CT) and can make this ring, please let me know. I do have a jeweler in the diamond district, but my message to him regarding making this ring has gone unanswered.

Thanks in advance!



Jul 12, 2014


Jan 23, 2016
Re: Show me your 1.5-2.00 cushion cut 3/4-full eternity band

I'm also looking at eternity bands, but unfortunately I have not seen any like the one you describe. Would like to mention the princess and asscher cut ones from Ritani though, might be a nice look with your engagement ring :)
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