Settings: White Gold vs Platinum, Rhodium coating vs not

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Jul 19, 2003
I know there is probably lots of threads on this but...

Could someone please help out with the things to look for when choosing a setting. I am about to pop for a RB 0.92 E VS1 AGS 000 H&A. I spent a lot of time researching the stone, but nothing on the setting.

I am considering either a 6 or 4 prong traditional tiffany setting. I''ve heard platinum is harder than white gold but that both are coated anyway in rhodium that wears off (& or tarnishes) in around 6 months. Is it so distracting that I should only be looking at yellow 18kt gold?

Does anyone have any pics of what this looks like (a newly rhodium coated platinum ring vs one with 6mth old rhodium vs non-rhodium coated ring new vs non-rhodium coated ring 6 mths old?

Is the rhodium hypoallergenic?

I have heard that you should go for ''950'' platinum - there must therefore be other alloys added - what should I check for at the jewellers?

When the setting is made, I''ve heard that there are a variety of production methods (molds etc). Which will give the finest finish? (i.e. smoothest, sharpest edges)


Jun 18, 2003
AFAIK, Platinum is NOT coated in Rhodium. It IS harder than 18k and 14k white/yellow gold and doesn't fade to yellow like 18k white gold. Unfortunately, the 'whiteness' of platinum is not comparable to 18k white gold. The platinum colour is more like a dull steel, almost light greyish colour where as the 18k WG is a nice bright white. Platinum also tends to scratch quite easily and, above all, costs significantly more than WG. I would suggest going with 18k WG. When and if the rhodium starts to fade, you can always have it re-plated. I would think that after your first re-plating, you and your wife will want a new setting or upgrade the stone for a new other words, your tastes will probably change before the ring fades too much. But please, don't get yellow gold if what you really want is white. Sorry I can't answer all your questions.



Jun 13, 2003
I had my diamond previously set in a 6 prong tiffany setting white gold setting for 25 years. Recently I wanted a totally new look and had a custom design made. I like the white look and went back and forth between white gold and platinum cause I wasn't crazy about the steely, matte finish that platinum gets. My designer recommended a 900 plat/100 iridium alloy. Platinum is a much denser metal than white gold but softer. The iridium is a harder metal and when mixed at 100 parts helps keep the shine. My ring has a wide band and a lot of surface (see it under the eye candy folder on page 5) but has kept it's totally high polished shine. I have seen minimal scratches and no matte or steely look thus far after 4 months. So if you really want platinum ask for 900/100 iridium alloy.

Good luck,


Mar 25, 2003
Hello! My ER is made of 18k white gold and I have no problems with it. I find most of the fading ususally comes at the bottom part of the ring where people can't see anyway. But I get it replated every 6 months and it just really shines! I've also heard that it's easier to repair gold than platinum, and that platinum scratches more easily. Platinum is definately heavier though, and it is the more expensive metal. And settings CAN be changed if she doesn't like it. Plus, I'm sure she'll be so dazzled by the rock that she won't even really notice the setting.
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