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May 12, 2006
So....I got a phone call last night from a very good friend of mine who is a groomsmen in my wedding and also goes to school with me. He stated that he went out to the local mall to be fitted for the wedding and he was happy that the entire process only took a few minutes. I was like wait what....because I knew that when I went with my bro it was 15-20 minutes for him to put all the clothes on and such. He was like no man i didn''t have to put any clothes on and I have to call the Seno where you''re getting married to give them my measurements. I was like hold on a freakin they didn''t have you try a jacket or pants or shoes or anything...and they''re making YOU call the store to give them the info? He was like yup..

Does this make any freakin sense to you guys? Shouldn''t the Seno store contact the Seno near my house to give them the meaurements? Also..why would they have me, my bro, and my dad all try tux stuff on but not this guy? The people at the Seno up here have been very crappy to us because our wedding is not really going through them. The only action they have is that they take the measurements and then call them to the other store. I''m not really sure why they would do this and my first reactoin is that they don''t care because we won''t be picking up or returning our tuxes there. You would think that since we rae using their chain that they would still be appreciative....unless the individual has good reasoning...I''m going to rip them a new one for not caring :) We have a few weeks untli the wedding and it is unacceptable for them to just simply figure they know what size jacket exactly my groomsmen wears...if it doesn''t fit the day before the wedding that creates stress that I do not want to deal with that close to the wedding. Any thoughts?


Jun 28, 2006
The only thing FI has tried on so far has been a jacket. They didn''t have him try on pants. Our groomsmen are all just calling in their measurements since they''re out of town. I thought this was pretty common.


Feb 17, 2006
It''s ok!

You tried all that stuff on because you had to pick it out. Your groomsmen just have to get measured and send in their measurements. It would be nice if that store was able to send them to the other store, but it doesn''t always work like that. Our tux shop doesn''t have locations anywhere near our GMs, so they gave me "out of town measure cards" with everything they need printed on it and a fax number to send them to. They told me that most tux shops will measure out of courtesy. It will be alright! Just make sure they try it on when they pick it up! It''s better to find out before the wedding that the pant legs are sewn up and the shoes don''t fit. It happens.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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