Selling Designer Pieces for Plainer Basics?


Jan 6, 2024
I first got into jewelry a few years ago and hit all the top houses: Tiffany, VCA, Cartier, Bvlgari. However, I realized that some of the items I bought don't really go with my casual lifestyle and way of dress (mostly Anthropologie with lots of patterns and colors). For example, I recently sold my Bvlgari Viper bracelet and instead bought a simple TCW 1 ct pave bangle from a trusted local jeweler---with a substantial amount of money to spare. [Some items I don't plan to part with are my VCA Perelee pearls of gold ring and my Tiffany Elsa Peretti collection (rose gold bean earrings and necklace, large silver bean necklace, silver Sevillana ring, jade bean earrings and necklace, silver bone cuff, Color by the Yard ruby earrings and necklace).] I hope I don't regret selling down the line, because of course I did sell at a loss! Anyone gone through a similar phase? And would you care to share what you sold and what you bought in its place? Here’s the bangle I bought:) IMG_1045.jpeg
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