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selling a ring

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Apr 24, 2002
I have an engagement ring to sell and would appreciate some
advice on the best way to sell it.

It is:
round brilliant
2.41 carats
I color
faint blue fluorescence
EGL certificate

Thick white gold mounting with 10 baguettes and
12 rounds totalling .85 carats

I live in NYC and bought it in the Diamond District two years ago for 13.5K and it was appraised at 23.5K by an appaiser in the Diamond District. I went to a few dealers in the Diamond District, and both disagreed with the EGL and felt the color was J and offered me 7.5k and 8k for the ring.
Where and how can I get a better price? I read some of the posts on the subject and wondering if someone had more input or some specifics on newspapers or auction houses to sell the ring at. I can wait a few months to sell, but do not want to wait past mid summer. Any feedback would be appreciated.



Dec 31, 1999

I don't know if I have any new information for you. You can try to sell it privately or on the auction on this site. It is likely that EGL was generous in its grading of your diamond's color and maybe on the clarity as well.

You are not likely to get a good price trying to sell the diamond to retail jewelers who can buy wholesale. You could try consigning it with a better retail store. Get the terms of the deal in writing beforehand.

I would ignore the inflated appraisal you have. Check on for prices for comparable new diamonds to get an idea of value. Remember to compare your diamond to others with EGL certs or GIA diamonds in J, SI3 clarity. We don't know the cut quality of your diamond, but those with better cut do cost more. My guess is that yours is of more average cut quality.

Good luck :)
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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