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Schitt’s creek. Is there a thread for this show already?

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Apr 30, 2019
Okay! You all have convinced me. Despite the fact that Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara have been two of my most favorite actors/comedians since SCTV days, I had tried to watch Schitt's Creek and found, in the first episode or two, their characters seemed more like caricatures of people, so didn't continue. But now I'll go back - gives me something more to do than feeling trapped at home! :lol-2:
Honestly its worth the effort

I watched the first couple and wasn't impressed but i came back to it a few months latter (likw 18 months) and it honestly just gets better and better


May 1, 2007
LOVE this show!!

Yes, it starts off slow in that the characters are exaggerated with nothing to sink your teeth into as far as depth or soul goes. I kept watching out of fascination for the actor's interesting mannerisms (especially David, omg his expressions are priceless!). That changes, however. Once it does, you have the most delightful combination of depth and growth alongside quirky, interesting, comical personalities.

I watched a few early episodes after having watched most of the series. I did wonder why I stuck with it as the stark contrast between what the show became and what it started out as was glaring. I find that true of a lot of shows though (The Office comes to mind). It takes time for the writers and actors to evolve the characters and story line. Schitt's Creek does this masterfully!
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