Sarin Reports from Vendors

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Feb 25, 2003
Should I basically not do business with any diamond vendors that cannot provide me with a sarin report?



Dec 28, 2002
My opinion would be that the absence of a Sarin or Megascope report in itself probably isn't reason to exclude dealers altogether, the lack of these proportion reports can make the search for your diamond more difficult. The thing is, I think the practice of consumers asking for this information is a relatively new phenomenon in the retail diamond industry. MANY dealers don't have the reports, and often wonder why it's such a big deal to the educated consumer to have them. During my search I was often greeted with blank stares upon requesting this sort of data, as if the dealer couldn't understand why I could possibly want to see such things.

In the end though, it's up to you to decide whether you really "need" to know the exact angles/proportions, or whether you're happy just finding a diamond that looks good to you. If a diamond "speaks to you," the reports may not be needed at all.

One thing to also keep in mind is that AGS stones, while not having complete data, at least DO have the average crown/pavilion angles and relevant proportions, which may be enough for you.



Oct 30, 2002
I tend to slightly disagree with Tim on this...there are SO many out there, why bother with those that will not get the information for you? Don't discount vendors off the bat if they don't have the info posted or readily available, but if they give you grief about getting more info, just move on. Work with those who take the time and are willing to really work to help you find the stone you want. The search will be large enough most likely that you don't need to have the additional drama associated with trying to get something that should already be available.

If you are looking offline it may mean that 1/5 of the vendors you visit will have sarin/megascope/ogi information. With online, your ratio may be better as it seems many internet vendors are wising up to realize that the customer is becoming more discriminating than just trusting some random numbers on a report. Plus I like the additional online reports such as Bscope and IdealScope images to help you determine how the stone may perform in real life. Special diamond tools ar always cool!

Also as Tim noted, AGS reports carry angles on them, so you don't need the Sarin/Mscope/OGI report unless you just want to confirm what the AGS report says (recommended if you purchase).

As you begin to narrow it down, post your stone choices online here so that people may comment and/or help you make the final decision. That is always a fun part.

Good luck!
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