Sam''s Club Diamond Events

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st. paul

May 24, 2003
Any general thoughts on the diamonds available at a Sam''s Club Diamond Event? Of concern for me is that appraisals are IGI. A few finds (not purchased) from my recent visit:

1. 1.00 carat, round brilliant cut, I, VS1 - pol/sym as good/good ($4K)

2. 1.00 c, sqaure mod brill cut, I, VS2 - pol/sym as good/good ($4k)

3. 1.01 c, squ. mod brill cut, F, VS2 - good/good - t.dep%@73.60, tab%@78.50 ($4600)

In short, are these diamonds a value for the dollar? Clearly, I''m not getting expert advice from the sales people, and thought some of you could enlighten/warn/encourage me. Thank you.


Oct 30, 2002
Ran a Pscope search and a 1c I VS1 round brilliant stone with no cut differentiator (e.g. could be good or bad) runs between $3700-5000 depending on vendor and stone. A 1c I VS1 stone AGS 0 with a Hearts and Arrows differentiator (an excellent cut) came up as $4700 through DirtCheapDiamonds.Com.

The H&A is $700 more than your Sams finds, has EX EX for polish and symm and is GIA graded. Use that as a comparison. The good/good polish and symm for me would not cut it on a stone. At least VG VG or VG/G depending. The G/G markings usually can mean that the cut of the stone will not be the best.

IGI has been noted to be less 'strict' on their grading, meaning that I color could be more like a J if you are not careful.

Personally I wouldn't purchase something of this magnitude through a Sams or a Costco. I know they have some great stuff, but I don't know that their loose stones are the cream of the crop (though I heard they carry some H&As). So unless you can find out more information and/or get hard numbers on some of those stones, can't tell you too much more.

BUT if you are so inclined, check out some of the online deals. I found a H VS2 1c H&A at $4600 and also some 1c H SI1's H&A's that are around $4000-4500. Or if you want to shop offline, get more numbers and broaden your search from just Sams Club. They may have great stereo systems and/or TV deals, but on a diamond and four thousand dollars, you need to get more than just basic information. Whatever you buy, take it into an appraiser within your return policy window to be on the safe side, ESP if it is graded by a non AGS or GIA lab.

Good luck!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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