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Mar 18, 2016
HI all, so glad that this forum is available to newbys like myself. Short story: Friend of the family passed on a beautiful ruby ring purchased at an estate sale. When the ring was purchased (2002) our friend had an appraisal (attached hopefully). I'm looking to propose to my girlfriend and my parents offered this ring to go toward the engagement ring. I need to trade the ring but have never purchased any fine jewelry before and don't have a reasonable range to expect for either a retail or trade in value. I'm not looking for a specific value but any range of values and any advice on how to procede with a jeweler. Thanks for any help! In case the 2003 appraisal doesn't load here are the details:

RIng Description: Three tiered five oval ruby ring with diamond accent

Rubies: 2.60 carats estimated; (5) oval modified brilliant cuts
Hue: Good Red with strong purple modifier
Tone: Medium dark
Saturation: Strong color saturation; Medium intensity
Cl;arity: SI1-Si2 (slightly included, GIA Type 2 category)
Cut: fair 1.10ct 1.00ct total 0.50ct total
Measurements:(1) 7.14x6.04 (2)5.59-5.83x4.26-4.40 (2)4.39-4.62x3.25-3.45 mm
Comment: Mounting prevented direct measurement of depths

Diamonds: 1.00 estimated; (20) round brilliant cuts
color: EF (colorless)
Clarity: SI2-Vs2 predominantly (slightly to very slightly included)
Cut Class: 3A-3B (good makes)
Measurements: (10) 2.15-2.35mm (2)2.5mm (8)2.20-2.25mm
0.49ct 0.13ct 0.38ct

Mounting: 18K yellow fashion ring with 14k yellow gold fingermate shank
gram weight: 8.3g
Trademarks: none, tested for gold karatage
Manufacture: Very good
Workmanship: Very good
Condition: Good to very good

Fair market estimate value: $1250 ring4_30.jpg ring1_72.jpg ring2_81.jpg appraisal_0.jpg


Jul 23, 2012
Do you have a photo I really can't imagine what this looks like.
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