Round Solitaire Engagement Ring


Apr 24, 2011
I am presently in the process of looking for a Platinum or White Gold Solitaire engagement ring with a stone in roughly the 0.75ct size.

I am presently looking at the following setting in Platinum:

As far as the stone goes, I have been looking at (so far) 'VS2' clarity or better and 'I' color or better in Round stones only. One such diamond with the above characteristics in 0.76ct is:

I have been looking at the above diamond for a day or so and even after having studied the stone intently in James Allen's 'Virtual Loupe', I cannot make out any visible inclusions, not even the one shown on the AGS report. I find the above stone enticing since the cut is reported as 'Ideal' as well.

I would like to know what thoughts any of you have on the above stone and whether I am (likely) obsessing over a higher clarity in VS2 versus trying to find a nicer color than an 'I'. Should I maybe be looking at say an 'SI1' stone with better coloring, say 'H' or better, as opposed to what I have shown you above? Many, if not all, of the VS2 clarity/I color (or better) stones that I have seen do not 'appear' to show many visible inclusions under magnification but I suppose that comes with VS2 vs. SI1, right? That said, I have surely not looked at as many stones as many of you and I feel like the naked eye would not even show many of these small inclusions found in the SI1 stones that I have been looking at, but as I said, my experience is very limited.

Lastly, my budget is approximately $3500. The platinum setting is $760 so that leaves approximately $2740 for the stone. I am presently right in the ballpark of that total with what I have listed above. I am certainly amenable to spending less than my budget, even with a slightly smaller stone

One last thing, I have only been considering Round stones so far and I would really like to stick to that. Thanks a million and I much appreciate any help you all can offer.

Thank you,



Mar 21, 2011
I'd go with SI1 with eye clean and up the color to G or H. I remember few weeks ago a H VS2 H&A ideal cut round was $2700 and it was a .76 ct from jamesallen

farmer gal

Mar 26, 2011
I thought I would throw this one out at you to. It has a larger spread, and looks just as clean as the VS2, and it actually scores better on the HCA than the true hearts one you have selected. I would have JA verify it is eye clean, but it looks like it would be.

Factor Grade
Light Return Excellent
Fire Excellent
Scintillation Excellent
or diameter for weight Very Good
Total Visual Performance 1.6 - Excellent
within TIC range

I think an I in this size range will be just fine, there are a lot of ladies on this website whith larger stones that show color more that have I's that are happy, there is nothing wrong with a well cut I :twirl:
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