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May 22, 2002
Hi All,

I asked this question in another thread but I think it got burried.

What is the real significance to having your ring warranty with the manufacturer? I never asked about my Scott Kay ring warranty with the jeweler. I guess I never even gave it a second thought as I dont forsee any problems with it. Am I being too simplistic in not caring? How miniscule are the chances something is going to happen to a well made product? My ring will be insured so I''m not worrying about it.
Do others worry about their warranty? I''m curious.



Oct 30, 2002
I'm not your core audience for this Q because we are having our ring made so there really is no warranty other than knowing our jeweler will fix any problems that arise because we gave him our business, and he is a friend. He's made things right for us in the past whenever there was an issue, so we know he will again.

That said--if your ring is insured, which ours will be as well, who cares! There are many things that could happen or go wrong with the setting or diamond itself, but the chances are slim, and as long as your insurance covers the little things, then you are fine.

We have heard some stories from our jeweler on women who chopped their diamond entirely off their ring by slamming a door onto it or similar, or there was another woman who was a flight pilot whose plan was crashing and she was trying to pull up the wheel, putting all of her might behind it, and therefore bent her ring into an oval shape and they were unable to get it off her hand without cutting it. In my opinion, that's what insurance is protect us from life's little (and big) potential hazards.

Also in my opinion, I wouldn't want to send my ring anywhere to get it serviced by anyone. I'd want to take it in somewhere local and wait while it was serviced to be sure that things were done right, and without having to wait for the mailing process. But then again I am just an impatient girl!
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