Ring Head Prongs

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Jul 29, 2002
Ring: Scott Kay (Platinum w/ 4 Prong Head)
Ring Head (Prongs): four prongs, knife edged and built onto ring as part of ring (not separate or removable). When the diamond is placed in the right it gives a round diamond almost a square look.
Diamond: 86 points (6.14-6.19 x 3.76mm), Round Cut.

I recently found a ring my soon to be Fiancée just loves. She liked it so much that I know it is the one I should be using for our engagement ring. I brought my diamond over to the store where they had the right to check it out and see how it looked. I loved it! However, after closer inspection I noticed a couple of things about the right. First off, the platinum ring had quite a few dings and scratches in it. Secondly, the right had already had a diamond in it because the prongs (all four of them) had a small shelf cut out of them. Lastly, I noticed two of the prongs were actually bent! The ring was a Scott Kay so I decided to buy it online instead and get a “New” one.

Here is my dilemma:
My diamond is a 6.14-6.19 in diameter. The ring I looked at and placed the diamond in had a head created for a 75 pointer stone (my stone is .86). When I talked to the online jeweler he advised me that I should go with the head that holds a 1 carat stone (around 6.2 in diameter) because my stone is so close to a 1 ct. in diameter and that when setting they could always remove platinum but they can not add it. I am worried about my order now because I realize that when I put the diamond on the head at the jewelers it looked just perfect and I want to know how much larger the head will be that is supposed to hold a .75 carat as apposed to a 1 carat? Will my new 1 ct. head be must larger?
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Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
You need professional advice from a professional who you buy the mount from.
You must trust some people some times.
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