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Mar 13, 2004
I have decided to get a custom Oval cut! Set in a platinum solitaire setting, and 2 skinny rose gold anniversary bands (representing 20 years) to flank the center stone for a whole new set. My husband actually made the decision for me. He said if I get the same shape stone, I would probably not wear my current set. With a new solitaire in a different shape, and 2 stacking bands, I can mix and match both sets!
To all that were looking forward to my 20th anniversary oval......we may have to wait anothr 10 years to my 30th. It looks like current MMD rough that can be sourced doesn't allow for an oval larger that 2.4 ct to be cut without loosing depth and optics that I want. Also, I want my upgrade to hit the 2.81 ct weight for sentimental reasons, so I will probably go back to my original plan of getting a custom cut OEC from MMD. Actually when my teens saw that I wanted an oval instead of a round, they were skeptical that I would love it, because they are traditionalist like me, and said that I would probably not wear it as much as a round. So, and old european cut is the best of both worlds, it is the shape I want with different characteristics and optics....stay tuned for this roller coaster journey!
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    An Excellent K Color Graded Diamond
    An Excellent K Color Graded Diamond
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    Astounding AVR
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    Cushion Cut- Three Ways

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