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reputable online ruby source?


Feb 18, 2011
I have a modest 1930's diamond engagement ring that my great-grandmother bought my grandmother during a tough ecomic period (she couldn't stand her new daughter in-law being without *some* diamond). It was passed on to me to use when I get married, and I expect to include the diamond itself in either my or my bride's wedding ring once we get to that point. The setting however, I'd like to refit with a ruby and give to my mom for her upcoming 25th wedding anniversary. The problem is, it seems like most of the websites that pop up on google have a very "used car sales" feel to them. Can fellow pricescopers point me in the direction of a trustworthy, fairly priced source for small natural ruby (probably .25-.5 ct range...I doubt bigger would fit in the quasi-halo setting)? Thanks!
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