Remember the diamond with Faint Yellow Fluo!?!?!

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Nov 16, 2002
Okay, so this is a little premature and I am jumping the gun, but I wanted to tell all you wonderful people out there that my BF (soon to be fiance) went for the diamond I posted about. (To recap for anyone who missed: the AGS cert said fluo: negligible. While we were examining the stone we were told the diamond had very faint yellow fluo. I panicked and posted here to get some opinions.)

Anyway, the ring was supposed to be here on Thursday, the day my boyfriend had an elaborate scheme set up for a proposal. It is sort of involved but he owns his own company and he has always asked me to come and work for him and I told him that I wanted to wait until we were engaged, so anyway on Thursday he had a "job offer" letter Fed Exed to me at my current job and told me to join him at company headquarters for a celebration after work. The ring was supposed to arrive on Thursday for his big proposal at the "job accepatance celebration" however, he received word (apparently too late) that it was going to arrive on Friday or Saturday instead. Anyway, he let the cat out of the bag and told me about it because he was so excited. So now the ring is scheduled to arrive on SATURRDAY and I will get my official proposal TOMORROW. I am peeing in my pants. He had originally picked a setting off the website, however, the setting he liked only could accomodate a 1.5 carat stone. (Apparently even if they changed the head in the setting they said the structure of the setting could still not accomodate a 3+ carat stone safely.) So he had to go for something custom to get the desired setting--which led to the delay as well.

Anyway, I will post pics of the ring and official proposal story once it arrives but I wanted to say a big thanks to all the people who responded to my original post and help put my mind at ease: Rank Amateur, Caratz, Richard Sherwood, Giangi, Fire & Ice (even though you expressed concern I appreciated your honesty), Dimonbob. Thanks everyone. I will post some pics once I get the beast. And a big thanks to (I will have to get the BF to post a testomonial here regarding working with them because I had nothing to do with it--but for the record he says Lesley is FANTASTIC). More info. forthcoming once ring is received.

Here''s the stats:
AGS Certed (HCA 0.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Cut Grade: AGS Ideal 0
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal
Proportions: Ideal
Color Grade: AGS 2.0 (H)
Clarity Grade: AGS 5 (SI1)
Carat Weight: 3.123 cts.
Comments: Fluorescence: Negligible

Table: 57%
Depth: 60.3%
Crown angle: 34.9
Pavilion angle: 40.5
Culet: very small
girdle: faceted 1.0-1.7%


Jan 29, 2003
We LOVE the part about your fiance sending you a job offer via Fed Ex! Nice touch! Congratulations on your engagement!

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
will post some pics once I get the beast

And a beast it is...

Congratulations Google. I so glad you didn't pass that screamer up.


Jul 22, 2002
On 5/9/2003 6:31:17 PM Googleman wrote:
Fire & Ice (even though you expressed concern I appreciated your honesty

But, the experts put my mind at ease. Your search has been long & hard. Congrats early from one 3c gal to another - who also worked for her husband in my former career - and who recently came out of retirement for an encore - and who has now retired for good - I had a great "boss" though!

Can't wait to see a pic! Did you set in gold or platinum?


Oct 30, 2002
Congratulations!! What a cool story and of course I can't wait to see that monster. You'll have to drag your hand behind you as you walk
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