Re -appraisal of larger stones

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Feb 20, 2004
I bought a 4.10 stone from Whiteflash three years ago and had it insured for what was then the replacement value. Then I recently heard that large rough are very hard to get and that diamond prices have increased.
I took my ring to David Wolf and was shocked to learn that the replacement value is now $13,000 more than just three years ago and that I could now probably sell the stone to a dealer for more than I paid for it.
I know that Just Appriasers (David Wolf and Toby Smart) are very well regarded and I feel certain the appraisal was accurate because I happened to be at another jeweler where I bought my eternity band to have the prongs checked. He had nothing to gain by complimenting the ring but he also estimated its value in the same area as Just Appraisers had.
What surprised me is that my stone is an I SI2, although extremely well cut and eye clean--unusual for a stone this size. I knew that diamond prices have gone up but I had not realized how much for a lower color and clarity. I would be interested to know whether higher color and clarity large stones have also gone up to this extreme.
Anyhow, I would advise anyone who has a large stone, 3+,might want to have their stones re-appraised since there seems to be a great shortage of larger,rough stones and prices have increased over the past very few years.I am by no means advocating buying diamonds as an investment. There are safer ways to place your money but I thought I might make some of you aware that if you do have a large stone, it may be underinsured by today's prices


Apr 19, 2004
HI Solange:

Thanks for the information. The appraisal on my ring is less than a year old, and therefore may still be (relatively) accurate?



Nov 6, 2006
Hi Solange.

I know exactly what you mean. Diamond inflation is different than regular inflation. It''s the same thing with private higher education - the cost of a college education goes up by more than inflation each year, i.e. - education inflation, like diamond inflation, outstrips regular inflation.

Unfortunately, if you have inflation coverage on your jewelry policy, these increases usually don''t cover the actual increases in the market price of the diamond. That is why an insurance company will recommend that you get your pieces re-appraised every 5 years or so. In your case, it sounds like every 3 years may better.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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