rainydaze question about Eli Jewelers

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Feb 16, 2009
I was admiring your ring and had a couple of questions. I was wondering if that hand engraving was done custom? Second, may I ask how much he charges for just the ring itself with the design(no stones)? Thank you very much.


May 1, 2007
hi pjsallday,

thank you! it''s funny you should post this now, i just listed my ring yesterday (because i have switched to an OEC, not because the eli wasn''t beautiful).

i didn''t specify anything with regard to the design of the hand engraving (i.e. ask to customize it), but it did come back a little different than the one i saw in the store (my assumption being different members of the eli team engrave different designs, or that the same person does it but mixes it up a bit). the design of the store one was pretty, but i LOVED the design of the one i got! it was dumb luck, i had no idea the design or engraving would differ when i ordered it, but it makes sense that it could/did because it is done by hand and not part of a cast. does that answer your question?

if you mean no center stone, the different quotes i got were all around the 4k mark give or take. i don''t know about having it without any diamonds at all (halo, down the sides). i never inquired about the existence or price of such a version as i wanted the diamonds in there.

i ordered the setting through pearlman''s ( they don''t carry eli jewels any more, but bill was still able and willing to get the setting for me. he would be the one to ask if it is possible to get the setting without any diamonds, the price, and if eli will customize the engraving.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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