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May 4, 2008
Hi All
Ok the wedding is getting closer and budget is getting tighter..................eeeek!
question for you:

1) do you need to invite the JP to the reception (adds to count)?
2) is it ok if we Dont Do welcome bags at the hotel (for OOT guests)? I am still doing nice bathroom baskets for Men and Ladies Rm during reception
3) I am supposed to add the DJ and Photo w/ assist. into the count right? for reception?

Thanks ALL!


Nov 2, 2006
I''m a little over 4 months out, so I totally know how you feel!!

1. Whether you invite the JP or not is up to you. We plan to invite her to stay, but I do know that many JPs opt out. It''s still nice to extend the offer though IMHO.

2. You don''t have to do anything like welcome bags, bathroom baskets, or even favors. Those are extras and not expected or required. We''re not doing bathroom baskets. We are doing welcome bags, and I haven''t decided on favors (as everyone coming is traveling and will be staying at the hotel.

3. I don''t know if the DJs need to go into the actual count (and per head cost). That being said, you do need to feed them (or they appreciate it at least). Check your contract for the DJ and the reception location. Often times DJs will stipulate a meal in their contract and some even go so far as to demand the same meal as your guests vs. a lesser expensive meal. Some venues will offer vendor meals at a discount, so check that contract or ask them directly. I personally don''t think the vendor meals should cost as much as the guests, because they''re not partaking in the open bar or the cocktail hour. Why should you pay $100+/head for them when they''re only going to have a $20 meal??


Jul 21, 2008
Ditto HH!

And I''ll chip in my own knowledge about the vendor meals. My venue does offer $15 vendor meals and cheaper kids meals too. Hopefully yours does so you don''t end up paying full price for them! Though, I do think that the vendors (photog and DJ) expect to be fed at some point.


May 20, 2008
Here''s my experience:

1. Having found a JP yet, but as I see it, they''re showing up for half an hour of work from 5:30-6:00. Dinner starts at 7:30. I don''t really think that warrants a meal. I guess if they insisted I would do it, but I hope it''s not an issue.
2. Not doing gift baskets or bathroom things. They''re getting a favor and a meal and that''s all we can afford. However, I''m going to print off directions and a list of things to do in the area so they don''t feel like I''ve abandoned them at the hotel. But I definitely don''t think big gift baskets are expected or required, just nice to have if you can afford them.
3. Talk to your venue about how they want to count the DJ and photographer. They probably have a cheaper meal option, so you wouldn''t count them as part of your guest list per se.
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