Questions/Advice needed about buying a Princess Cut diamond

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Jan 21, 2003
Hello all. Came upon the website while researching/learning about engagement rings and wanted to just let you all know how much I''ve learned from the tutorial and the posts that you have made.

Wanted to get your advice as I embark on my "journey" of engagement ring shopping. My budget is about $6000 total to spend. For the ring, I''d like to buy a simple four-prong platinum solitaire setting, which runs for about $300. This leaves me about $5700 for my diamond.

I would like to get a princess cut diamond, .9-1 carat, VS2 or better clarity and G or better color.

I have found the following diamond:

Cost: $5600 - Has GIA Cert
Carat weight: 0.95
Cut: Signature Princess
Color: G
Clarity: VS1
Depth %: 65.7%
Table %: 67%
Symmetry: Very good
Polish: Very good
Girdle: Thick to very thick
Culet: None
Fluorescence: None
Measurements: 5.64x5.42x3.56 mm
Crown height: 9.8%
Length/width ratio: 1.04

Here are the questions I have for ya''ll experts.

1) Do you all think the above price is a competitive price for such a cut diamond?

2) What are the disadvantages of a thick to very thick girdle (other than paying for "dead" weight) ?

3) What are the standards used to judge a speciality cut diamond as "ideal"? Is it the depth%, table % (ie 64-70%), crown height% (9-10%), girdle thickness?

4) I ran a search for princes cut diamonds using depth% and table % between 64-70 and the specs I listed in what I''m looking for in a diamond and didn''t come up with too many hits. Is what I''m looking for something that sells very quickly?

Thank you all for taking the time to read through my questions and for any advice/opinions.



Jun 27, 2002
Hi Learning...

Its a little more complicated than that, but just to make sure please have your stone checked by an expert.

But here goes...

There are no idealized measurements for princess
cut diamonds yet.
There are however, a few charts available which some
establishments use to determine cut grades.
These grading systems are and have been subject to critism.
Some have argued that going by the numbers alone is
only 30% indicative as to the predictability of the
beauty of a stone.
Others have determined that the numbers mean absolutely
nothing when attempting to judge a princess cut.
Two Princess with similar "numbers" can significantly
vary on 'look'.
There are some comparitive tools such as the
brilliance-scope and ideal scope which have provided
visual aids for reccomendation concerning princess cuts.
And many have advised that fancy cuts like the princess
should be examined by an independent appraiser prior
to purchase.

These are just a few current interpretations of how many
individuals perceive the pursuit of the princess cut.
And a final determination would be that the consumer should be the final judge by personally inspecting the stone and making a visual purchase.

In any event, answering your question is not as easy as it seems if you decide to look at this objectively.

Buy Informed!

Kirk Konst
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