Question for Leonid.

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Final Cut

Apr 21, 2003

I see post after post with "help... found this stone" etc etc and from reading the tutorial, it does not really tell a newbie in simple terms the information required to make an informed decision about a particular stone.

How about posting a "permanent thread" with a ''what info you will need to know and where to get the info before asking opinions about a stone'' ?

When I started looking it took an extra 3 weeks before I really understood what information was required and why - it might help new consumers a lot if there was a simple list of requirements and ''nice to haves'' needed, e.g. cert, angles would be required whereas nature of incl may be a ''nice to have'' etc ?

Let me know what you think.



Jan 1, 2003
Final Cut,

That is great! I was just thinking a few days ago how tedious it must be for vendors to continuously answer that exact same basic questions over and over again.

This just leads other new consumers to take pity and reply to the newbie, and I have noticed, sometimes making a mistake (bad!). The newbie then thinks that it is correct info...If there was a standard permanent thread that lists facts and gives standard advice, no one could misinterpret! You stated it very well.

Leonid, I think that would be a GREAT service. A non-interactive 'Newbie' hangout. Then, if more answers are required, the poster can then have better confidence that the experts will respond appropriately in the Rocky Talky forum.


Feb 22, 2003
Great suggestion, Final Cut!

When I started here, I was on information overload AND in denial that all this information was really necessary to buy a pretty diamond.

I printed out tons of sheets of info, read lots of conflicting reports and articles. It took a while to start to sort it all out. Still am in fact.

A step by step guide would be great.

After you decide on shape, color, clarity, size and budget, "this" is what you need to do next.

Tips on how to read Certs and what info is needed to proceed from there.

Explain about the "Multiple Listings" of diamonds in the search engine. That's a big one that confuses folks. It took a bit of time before I realized the same diamond was being advertised by several vendors. I just started noticing that, "Hey this one has the exact same dimensions, polish, symmetry, etc. as that one and they are both/all GIA/AGS Certs??!!"

Maybe even links to the Cut Charts, the Cut Adviser, and Price Stats direct from that forum.

From what I've read, it takes folks about the same amount of time, 3 months on average, sifting through information to get to the point they feel informed enough to attempt making a purchase. A Newbie Forum of the basics to get started would be GREAT!

Great suggestion, Final Cut! Leonid, you guys are the best for thinking of following through!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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