Question about gem shows.


Aug 1, 2003
I'm going to the San Francisco gem and mineral society show this weekend. I'd like the go the first day when it opens but I'm actually taking a really great metal casting class. I can either go towards the end of the first day ( when class ends ) or on the second day. Which day is usually better at a gem show the first or second?


Apr 21, 2010
For that SF show, I'm seeing that Sat hours are 10am-6pm and Sun hours are 10am-5pm -- I don't know how late in the afternoon you'd get there Saturday after your class, or how rushed you'd feel in trying to get in and see what you're hoping to see --

I've gone to several gem shows, some of which started Friday afternoon and then ran through Sun -- if you can go the 1st day near opening time, sometimes you get coupons for free entry the rest of the weekend. On the Friday afternoon openings, I've also received promotional recyclable-type shopping bags with the gem show logo on it.

If you're looking for something specific or something hard to find, the sooner you can get there the better your chances are that what you're looking for might still be there... If you are just browsing and checking things out, I'd wait and go on Sunday. And, every gem show I've been to, on the last day especially after the noon hour I'd say more than half the vendors are willing to discount prices on many of their wares. You don't want to leave it too late on Sunday though, because sometimes vendors start packing up by 2-3pm.

Have fun!
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