Question about diamond and online retailer

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Dec 29, 2002

I've been doing quite a lot of research, and believe I've found the diamond I want online. Only thing is, I can't find too much via Google about the retailer, I recently had a friend purchase from them, and he's very satisfied with the service and the stone itself. Their website also appears to be professional. Has anyone dealt with this retailer before and have any comments to share? Any things in particular I should look out for?

To give you an idea of the stone, it is a .66 carat, D, VS2, brilliant round. "Ideal" cut (61.1% depth, 55.0% table, 5.61-5.66*3.44), .7-1.2 girdle, pointed cutlet, no florescence, and has an AGS certification. Price is listed at $2687. Does this seem appropriate?

I'm new to all this and could use advice. Thanks so much for your help,



Oct 30, 2002
If the diamond is AGS certified, get the crown and pavilion angles and run it through the Cut Advisor using the link at the top of this page..see what the HCA says about this diamond.

To get more pricing information and/or comparisons, check out Pricescope's searching tool on the main page (, and plug in your specs (.66c, D, VS2, and a range of table and depth) and see what the search tool brings back for vendors selling similar stones. Chances are you will see a wide range, so you can draw your own conclusions from the findings, but it is a good way to see if you are getting a great deal, or if your quoted price seems a little too high, you can at least have some info under your belt to try your hand at negotiations.

To get more info on who has purchased from in the past, run a search on pricescope using the Search link above as well. Type in and see if it has any responses. Otherwise, if you find nothing, do they have a BBB report on the they belong to any organizations who monitor jeweler practices, etc. That might help out. Also what is their return policy you have 10-30 days to return the stone with no questions asked? Or will they give you a hassle?

Hope that helps a little searching online and you should find some info.

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