Mar 12, 2009
So my husband and I are visiting his family in Denmark this month and it's his nephew's 18th. A pair of sterling silver cufflinks were on his wishlist and worried that I'd be short of time once we arrived in Europe and having no time before leaving Oz I started browsing online for a solution. After much searching I came across a UK site called PureJewels ( I ordered a lovely pair of cufflinks from them and they were promptly shipped to my MIL's in Denmark. While perusing the site I happened to notice their large selection of engagement/wedding rings and when I got to Denmark today I found they'd included some brochures! One was for their silver jewelery and the other was an engagement/wedding ring catalogue. I was very impressed with the set out of the catalogues and loved that there was a table comparing face up diamond sizes and shapes in 1:1 ratio. I also loved their ring designs. I can't speak for the quality of their gold jewelry but I'm very happy with my cufflinks and seriously considering a purchase for myself in the near future ;-). They also have a B&M for those who'd like to peruse before purchase.
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